What is it?

Womenquake is a neutral place where existing ideas and beliefs concerning gender differences and women are debated and challenged; more important however, Womenquake is a movement that will nudge history towards a better future for humanity.

Womenquake is a joint initiative of Womenpreneur Initiative and MC Academy for International Legal Studies.

Why Womenquake

Womenquake has been founded on the premise that our constructed realities fuel and drive our individual and collective behaviours.  Therefore, to understand properly the current complex realities pertaining to gender and women issues, it is imperative to revisit and thoroughly examine the beliefs and ideas upon which such realities are constructed.

The main goals of Womenquake are:

  • To shake the foundations of the false and outdated ideas and beliefs that have driven human behaviour as far as gender and women issues are concerned;
  • To seek and re-construct better foundational ideas for better human societies, and;
  • To share new designs for future public policies.

How To…

With a sense of urgency, Womenquake will launch its activities in 2018 by organising discussion forums in various countries.  These meetings will be run and managed by designated Womenquake Representatives.  Each of these forums will focus on and debate a controversial idea that concern gender and women.




Womenquake is a global movement. We aim to explore, understand and imagine new future for humanity. Want to be a part of it? Want to organise Womenquake in your country? Contact us through info@womenquake.org for more details.


Get In Touch

To get more information on our work and how you can be part? Feel free to contact us here and we will attend to you shortly